Frequently Asked Questions

My space is so cluttered and disorganized that I don't know where to start. I know I need help but I am embarrassed to have anyone see it like this.

Don't be embarrassed. Organizers have seen it all and are not judgmental. Moreover, the National Association of Professional Organizers outlines a Code of Ethics that requires organizers to "keep client information confidential." At Must Get Organized, LLC we take this promise seriously.

How long will it take to organize my space?

Each project is different. Time for a project depends on a wide range of factors including: size of area; the severity of the cluttered space; whether additional furnishings must be acquired or installed; and your readiness to part with some of the clutter and work with the organizer.

Will someone just come in and start throwing out my stuff?

Not at all. In most instances we work alongside you so that you make the final decision on what items are donated or discarded. It is true that nearly all projects require those decisions. Must Get Organized, LLC will ask you questions to help you decide what items stay and what can be donated or discarded .

A few of the Before/After Photos seem to show "decorating" elements in the areas. Is decorating part of your services?

We are not interior designers, nor do we perform handyman or cleaning services. However, sometimes there are items elsewhere in your home that can be re-purposed in your newly organized space. Also, as a space evolves and emerges through the organization process sometimes ideas come to mind about how to make your space more comfortable and appealing. As a space becomes more usable, clients frequently have their own new decorating ideas. That's part of the fun of the organization process.

I'm pretty organized, but others in my house are not. This creates stress and the clutter never gets better. Can you help?

Stress created by clutter and lack of organization is very common. An organizer's detached perspective helps family members reach a middle ground on controlling clutter, deciding what can be discarded, setting up systems and achieving lasting organization for everyone.

After I decide what items I want to donate or discard, can you help with that too?

Regarding donations, most clients have their own preferred charities or locations to send donations. See our Resources Page for additional ideas. If you wish, Must Get Organized, LLC will be happy to take a limited amount of items to a nearby charity drop-off and will mail you the donation receipt they provide.