Before/After Photos

  Attic Basement Bookshelves Child's Room Garage Home Office

Discarding outdated, unneeded papers and files created ample space to organize supplies in this home office closet.


Sorting and organizing these tools created an efficient, uncluttered and usable workspace in this garage.

Child's Room

After discarding and donating unused items in this severely cluttered room, the result is a organized, livable space.

Home Office, before and after organizing by Must Get Organized, LLC

This home office project required sorting and organizing large quantities of office supplies. The result is a simplified, clutter-free, functional work space.

Bookshelves, before and after

These cluttered books are now organized by subject. By adding decorative items these bookshelves are now the focal point of this room.

Kitchen, before and after

Under-shelf hanging bins create additional useful storage space in this kitchen.  Frequently used items were rearranged in a more accessible position, while disorganized recipes were sorted and filed.

Basement, before and after

This basement project uses stacking crates for versatile vertical storage.  After thoroughly sorting and discarding unused items, ample space remains for future storage needs.  Even the bike now has an easily accessible parking space.

Attic, before and after organizing by Must Get Organized, LLC

A room divider is created in the center of this attic by stacking a series of plastic storage bins that organize smaller items. The bins are draped in fabric that matches the re-covered day bed in front of the storage unit and provides seating. Furniture from elsewhere in the house completes the new room. Behind the room divider is an open area; elsewhere in the attic are zones for sporting equipment, camping gear and luggage.

Patio, before and after organizing by Must Get Organized, LLC

Once used as temporary storage for firewood, this patio is now an attractive area in which to relax and entertain. Most of the wood was moved to another storage zone on the property, with some pieces retained as decorative elements. Adding two chairs and a copper fire-pit makes this a comfortable and usable outdoor space. Decorative rocks at the edge of the patio add color. Potted flowers cover a few discolored bricks near the window.

Garage, before and after

Effective use of existing storage areas and establishing zones for gardening supplies, tools and sports gear; created enough space for the family car in this previously cluttered garage.

Garage, before and after organizing by Must Get Organized, LLC

Clutter overwhelmed this garage, making it impossible to use the tools and equipment. After careful, detailed sorting and discarding we created usable zones: woodworking, yard-care equipment, and car maintenance supplies. We created space-saving vertical storage by adding sturdy, inexpensive shelving from boards and cinderblocks. Boxes hold the sorted, categorized tools. A large open space in the middle of the garage allows room to work on projects.

Office Storage, before and after organizing by Must Get Organized, LLC

Four large sets of shelves are the centerpieces of this project, giving this office storage room ample vertical storage. Repositioning two small tables near the front of the room creates a convenient workspace. Clear plastic storage bins house smaller items. We upgraded the existing storage cabinet by adding small bins for supplies. Vertical storage, clear floor space and ordered storage zones make the space attractive and easy to use.

Laundry Room, before and after organizing by Must Get Organized, LLC

Organizing this laundry room involved sorting through boxes of clothing to donate and unpacking other boxes located in the middle of the room. After adding more shelves and using covered boxes to contain papers and other records and organizing gift-wrapping supplies, this room now has a usable open area in the center. Additional zones in the room were set up to store recreational equipment and sports gear.